Kankaria Lake, Aquarium  & Zoo

The life bubbles here every weekend, constructed by Sultan Qutub-ub-Din. Originally known as Hauj-e-Qutub (The Kings Bath), in olden times the sultan used it has recreational for himself and his queen. The Lake is a polygon with thirty four sides and three balconies on to the water from the edge of the lake. The sultan enjoyed illumination and fireworks here. In the middle of the lake is situated the Nagina Wadi and is connected by way from the lake. The on sides is situated the Kankaria Zoo & Balvatika. Zoo has various animals and attracts various visitors. The Balvatika has collection mirrors which make you laugh.

Step Wells

In era of the Sultanate,  the authorities use to develop wells for travelers as a place to rest or to drink water. The finest example are Dada Hari ni Vav and the Adalaj ni Vav. The interiors of these caves are paved with beautiful carvings in stone.

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