The Palace of Shahibaugh

Shahibaug Palace was built in 1622 A.D. by Shahjahan as a royal residence. Currently same has been converted into Sardar Patel Memorial. It is also associated with Shri Ravindranath Tagore.


The temple attract tourist from all over the world for various reasons, make sure if you love temples, their atmosphere, architecture, make sure to visit the temple.More details of hare krishna mandir

Jain Temples (Derasars)

Ahmedabad has been famous for its Derasars or Jain Temples like Chintamani Temple, Hutheesingh Temple and various other are situated in the old city. There are approximately hundred plus Derasars in the old city. Many of them were built in Moghul times, many are situated in the houses of people and many are underground.

Dawazas(Gates) of Ahmedabad

During Ahmedabad’s construction, various monuments were built around the fort of Bhadra. These monuments were the gates for the entrance in the city. These gates, also called Darwajaas are situated all around the old city. Few of them still are visible in proper condition.

– Teen Darwazas
– Lal Darwazas
– Delhi Darwazas

Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram

After the return of Gandhiji from Africa, after some time Gandhiji started living in Ahmedabad. He built on the banks of the river Sabarmati, the famous Gandhi Ashram. In today’s modern Ahmedabad this particular place stands high on tourist map. Still various things of Gandhiji can be seen and there are few Khadi shops around, which Gandhiji promoted.

Sidi Syed Mosque

The mosque is situated near Lal Darwajaa and it has magnificiently carved stone work. The mosque is famous world wide for the same.

Jumma Masjid

A fine example of Islamic Architecture is developed in the Sultanat period and was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1423 A.D. It stands on 260 pillars with support of 15 Domes, the mosque is also regarded one of the beautiful monuments in Western India. One could witness outstanding workmanship and design.

Bhadra Kali Mandir (Temple) & Fort

The Temple was built in the fort of Bhadra during Aazam Khan’s time. It was built in one of the ground floor rooms and it draws thousands of visitors every day.

Sarkhej Roja

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