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Navratri – 9 Nights of Dance Festival in Ahmedabad

Navratri or the festival of nine nights is devoted to Goddess Shakti. The festival also has the famous folk dance of Gujarat “Garba”. The festival continues for nine nights, everybody takes part into it with same emphasis. Each night starts with ceremonial “Aarti” and is followed by Garba till late mid-night. The Garba dance is carried out around the statue of Goddess Shakti. Garba is also played with Dandiyas in hand. During these nights, city is been beautifuly decorated and nights become...


“Kaapyo Chhey” – This is what you could hear on !4th January, in the festival of Makar Sankranti or festival of kites or “Utarayan”. The festival marks the end of winter and return of the sun to northern hemisphere and hence is named “Uttar ayan”. On this particular day everybody in Ahmedabad start the day through kite flying and continues in the night by driving lamps (Tukkal) attached to kites in the sky. The sky remains through out the day, dotted with colourful...

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Time to upgrade : No Pundits or Agents It is no longer necessary for a parent to go again to agents or pundits to get a match for his daughter. Now everything can be done online. The girls have the internet to search their soul partner all over the country using online matchmakers. Gujarati Matrimony  If you open the account using the website dedicated to the Gujarati boys, you will be able to chat with the one you fancy, you can send an email or you can talk to the telephone before you meet him. Normally in Gujarati culture, it is not allowed for the girl to talk with the boy before their marriage has been approved. Therefore online matchmaking will provide the understanding that can be used before and after the wedding. You will have enough choice of the boys when you look on the internet. You can choose according to the community, the religion or the caste. If you want to get married to a husband who is working in certain profession, then there is no better way to do this than to look for him online. Online Matrimony is best for brahmins or patel or divorce  The online matchmaking makes sure that the girl has no limitation when it comes to getting the boy he is looking for. Normally the wedding in the past were organized by the parents and the girl or boy had no say about it. But with the changing of time it is better if you also change and you can take the matter in your hands to look for your soul mate. Finding...

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