Nand Ghar Anand Bhayo…Jai Kanaiya Lal ki

Janmastami is extremely popular festival in city of ahmedabad. Janmastami is celebrated as birthday of Lord Krishna.He is regarded as incarnation of Lord Vishnu.In this avtar of Lord krishna – the hindu mythology recieved the greatest message in form of Bhagwat Gita. Janmastami is also known as Gokulashtami & is celebrated on eight day of month(hindu calanedar).

Janmastami is celebrated in different form in the UP,Bihar,Maharastra.In Gujarat it is celebrated with different form. Tradional Gujarati homes has baby krishna cradles.And decorated are the toys around that cradle. It is similar to baby shower celebration for every devotee of krishna. Janmastami celebrations are prominent as due Dakore & Dawarka visits increases as devotees visit these ever green destination of lord Krishna.

Janmastami is celebrated by fasting & fasting is done next day also know as parna. Celebration time is or Nishita radhe_krishna_iskon_temple_ahmedabadPuja Time is midnight time.

If you are in Ahmedabad make sure you visit ISKCON  Temple it is ideal to visit the temple for  Janmastami celebrations

Bhajan sandhyas are popular during evening for krishna devotees gather great bhajans.

Some Great Krishna Bhajans

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