Dyestuff are popular chemicals used in processing of several products in textile, paper, leather, Printing Inks, Wood, FMCG Products, Food & Agriculture. Below are the three Most popular dyes used extensively in products. These dyes are manufactured in Ahmedabad & exported world wide to European, Latin America nations, South Asian nations.

In Gujarat Ankleshwar & Naroda remains the leading chemical manufacturing facility to produce these chemicals.
Acid Dyes

Acid Dyes are metal free & metal complex dyestuffs. The produce is used in Leather, Nylon, Cotton, Wool, Silk, Paper, Wood & Agriculture. Our leather dyes are popular are used extensively in European nations. They have high fastness properties & good penetration properties. They are extensively used in various industries. And we manufacture with best available standards
Direct Dyes

Direct dyes have excellent light fastness & good affinity. Direct dyes are available at affordable cost. They are know for sun/light fast colors. The standardized with narrow tolerance for reproducible shades. Most dyes are available in de-dusted powder format & some in liquid format. They are available in huge matching shades.
We meet all major ecology standards. The are available for textile & Paper
Reactive Dyes

Reactive dyes are popularly used in Inkjet printing. These are also known as Salt-free Dyes.
If you are looking for the dyes manufacturer Arunya Organics is leader in Acid Dyes & Salt-free dyes. Get in touch with them for complete product range & shade card.

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